Bioshock Infinite Has Move Support, Bioshock Vita Game Announced

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Irrational Games’ boss Ken Levine has made some unwise statements regarding motion control options. Sony has shown him the light and convince him that motion controls were a way to get more people interested in his games and now he’s all for it. Bioshock Infinite will support Move when it launches next year. The game will also include the original Bioshock on the same blu-ray disc as a bonus for the Playstation 3 version of Bioshock Infinite.

Ken Levine wasn’t done showing his new found love for the Playstation brand, as he announced that a Bioshock game was in the works exclsuive for Sony’s newest handheld the PS Vita. No other news was released regarding this title but Ken Levine did say that it is an “all new game set in the Bioshock universe”. No word if he means the original Bioshock universe or the Infinite universe.

For now check out the latest trailer for Bioshock Infinite; It looks amazing. Calling it now, this will be the game of show. let me know what you think.

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