Call of Juarez: The Cartel 7 Minute Gameplay Preview

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Ubisoft have released a 7 minute gameplay mix of footage from their modern take on the Call Of Juarez franchise. You can pretty much see what to expect from this new cartel urban warfare style the series has taken. If you ever played the previous Call Of Juarez games you might remember that it had decent shooting mechanics, this new version has that aspect and brings it to a modern perspective using modern weaponry as you will see in the footage.

Also you might of thought western settings would be gone but Ubisoft made sure to still have some in there as you will see in the video preview. Overall I think it looks decent to check out or rent in these dry summer months. The game features online modes with Co-Op & Multiplayer which not surprising resembles a Call Of Duty Multiplayer like experience. Call Of Juarez: The Cartel comes out on July 19th for Xbox 360/PS3/PC.

7 Minute Single Player Gameplay

Multiplayer Preview

Co-Opetition Trailer

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