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Dear Summer

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So I had the opportunity to participate in the NewMe Accelerator this summer, and it was amazing. NewMe is an incubator for minority led startups, and I went on behalf of Playd. There was so much I thought I knew about Silicon Valley, but experienced something completely different first hand. What NewMe did the most was help me expand my network. I met so many developers, creative business minds, angels and VC’s. I feel like I can create so much value not only for myself but for those fellow entrepreneurs around me. Since I will make this blog more active I will drop pieces of knowledge I have learned over these last few months in upcoming posts, hoping that it helps you out on your journey.

I also will be featured in the upcoming CNN documentary Black In America 4. CNN followed the housemates of NewME for the summer, capturing the hard times and the good times. Not really sure how the end product will look, but long as I look cool, I’m not sweating it. I think CNN covering NewMe was important because people need to see that we exist. I think young people need to see new examples of struggle and success. No offense to the rappers who are cool with a few tech startups, but your not really the shiny example.

Also Soledad O’Brien is pretty cool in person. I’m normally the laid back cool guy in the room. And most people thought I was being that way when Soledad would sit and talk with me. But truth is her eyes had me stuck on words, I wasn’t being cool, she actually made me nervous. Lets keep that between me and you.

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