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5 Games That Don’t Deserve To Die This Fall

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007: Goldeneye Reloaded
November 1st – PS3, Xbox 360

Last year Activision released a fantastic Goldeneye title which took all the best bits from the esteemed N64 game and made them contemporary for today’s first person shooter fans. The problem was, they released it on the Wii so most hardcore gamers opted to buy Call Of Duty: Black Ops instead. Now, that very game is being HDified for the PS3 and Xbox 360 but it will probably go unnoticed again in this crowed holiday season. Featuring a more assessable multiplayer mode, brand new Mi6 missions and Playstation Move/Sharp shooter support, 007: Goldeneye Reloaded is likely to be the best James Bond game ever released although it obviously won’t be as impactful as Rare’s legendary shooter.

Sonic Generations
November 1st – PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, 3DS

It seems like every two years we go through the same cycle. Sega announces a new Sonic game, the initial trailer looks promising, shortly-after they reveal a game ruining gimmick and in the end we all feel cheated. For that reason I was naturally dismissive when Sega first revealed Sonic Generations but after spending some time with Sonic Teams latest creation I’m feeling more optimistic than ever. From the outset it’s clear that Sonic Generations is a game made for those who grew up thinking Sonic was way cooler than Mario. Featuring the return of retro-Sonic and levels inspired by previous games in the series, Generations has “fan service” written all over it. I haven’t been this excited about a new Sonic game since Sonic The Hedgehog 2 was on the horizon!

Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL
November 2011 – PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, 3DS

Honestly, I have no idea whether or not this game will be good but at the very least I’m excited to find out. CN: PTEXL is essentially Smash Bros with Cartoon Network characters and although Dexter and Ben 10 can’t hold a candle to the likes of Mario and Link, Cartoon Network still has a stable of franchises which I’m fairly fond of. Other playable characters include Johnny Bravo, all four Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Kevin Levin and motherf***ing Captain Planet! A 3DS version has already been released but with fewer characters, stages and modes.

Need For Speed: The Run
PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, 3DS 

A Need For Speed game which forces you to exit your vehicle mid-race so you can hop from building to building in order to flee a helicopter which is raining down bullets that have your name on them may sound like the stupidest thing since Tony Hawk Ride, but NFS: The Run actually looks very promising. The arcade-style driving sections feel fantastic making this game instantly appealing to those who think Fast Five is better than The Godfather and the Heavy Rain inspired action sequences look insane in an “over-the-top/look-at-me-I’m-Jason-Statham!” sort of way. Those who spend several hours customizing vehicles on Forza may turn their nose up at The Run but the developers at EA Blackbox have done enough to sell me a copy.

Tekken Hybrid
November  22nd – PS3

This generation has not been kind to the Tekken series, which is evident by the fact that the best Tekken game to be released in the past 7 years is a HD port of a PS2 launch title. Tekken Hybrid is a combo pack with jams Tekken Tag Tournament HD, a demo for the upcoming Tekken Tag 2 and CG movie Tekken: Blood Vengeance 3D on to one $40 blu-ray disc. That $40 price tag is the reason why Tekken Hybrid will be overlooked this fall and honestly I can’t blame consumers. If Tekken Tag HD was released on PSN it would probably cost $15 which means you’re paying $25 for a questionable movie and a severely limited demo of a questionable game. For that reason I was debating whether or not to put Tekken Hybrid on the list but in the end my heart out ruled my head and my love of Tekken Tag Tournament prevailed. Playing Tekken Tag again reminded me just how good Tekken games can be and who knows, maybe Blood Vengeance will be better than the reviews say it is… *sigh*

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