Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money DLC Comes To PS3 and PC February 22nd

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Fallout: New Vegas DLC “Dead Money” was previously released exclusively for Xbox 360 just before Christmas, allowing Xbox 360 gamers to enjoy extended Fallout time whilst sticking out their radioactive tongues in our faces. Well finally Bethesda is spreading the love by releasing “Dead Money” on Playstation 3 and PC. The pack will be available to both PS3 and PC users on February 22nd, which is around two and a half weeks from now.

Not only that but three more expansions are confirmed to be coming in the months to follow, and those expansions will release simultaneously on all three platforms. The previous game Fallout 3 had a very decent amount of expansions, so let’s hope the epic that is Fallout: New Vegas will live on for months to come with a number of great quality DLC packs.

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