Gears of War 3 Action Packed Campaign Trailer

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Without a doubt, the biggest Xbox 360 exclusive title this year is Gears of War 3. And before we get a full Gears of War 3 blow out at E3, Epic Games has put us at ease with a new campaign trailer. It’s safe to say, Epic Games trailer is epic. They know how to put a damn good trailer together.

The trailer shows off a bunch of action set pieces featuring the new enemy lambent, zip-lines, helicopter shoot-outs, and a giant lambent type worm. All of that action while Black Sabbath plays in the back. Gears of War campaigns are easily one of my favorite experiences this generation partly due to the action but more importantly the cooperative aspect of the game. Looking forward to this one.

Expect more Gears of War 3 news as we approach E3. Until then, enjoy the trailer below and let me know what you think.

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