Get The Killzone 3 Single-Player Demo Right Now, No PS+ Required.

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Can’t wait another week for the Killzone 3 single-player demo? Well you are in luck because today it was discovered that both version of the demo are currently available on the Hong Kong PlayStation Store in English. All you have to do is create a Hong Kong PSN account and start the download. No PlayStation Plus required.

How to make a Hong Kong PSN account:
– First create a new user on your PlayStation 3 (completely over to the left of the XMB menu.)
– Log off the old user, and log onto the new.
– Head over to the Playstation Network and select “Sign up for Playstation Network.
– Select “Hong Kong” as a country and enter a birthday date.
– Select “Master Account”.
– Press “Accept” at the Terms of Service.
– Enter an email. Also find a password and security Question.
– Come up with an online-ID
– Enter first name and surname (or possibly. Just write something random) and sex.
– When you get to the address field, enter the following:
– Street Address 1: 1 Harbour Rd ”
– District: “Hong Kong”
– City: Wan Chai ”
– Country Region: “Hong Kong”
– Choose whether you want to enter billing information (could also be done later).

Thanks Ill at BX for the heads up.

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