Gotham City Impostors In Action [E3 Trailer + Screens]

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Batman can be seen in two different games at this years E3. You’ll see him gliding through the world of Arkham City, and then you can see The Dark Knights imposters as they try to keep Gotham City safe in the downloadable game, Gotham City Impostors. Warner Bros. announced the game about two weeks ago but didn’t show it off until now. the first trailer and a set of screen were just released and though it may not steal any shine from Arkham City, it looks like a good fun time. It’s wackier and it has a less serious tone to it. The trailer end with a 2012 date which is a little odd, I don’t think people will be clamoring for a downloadable Batman game that doesn’t feature Batman and doesn’t have the production values of Arkham City.

Let me know what you think of the game.

P.S. Why did they intentionally misspell the word “imposters” in the title? Don’t think that it’s my mistake.

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