Hawken, A Shining Example of Indie Devs Bridging the Gap

When you think of indie developer, you think smaller resources, smaller team, and games that are relatively smaller in size compared to AAA releases. However, in a landscape dominated by larger company titles, there is an indie developer movement going on. Indie developers have much more creative freedom than developers under the big publishers, and as development kits and platforms become more accessible, these indie devs are going to be flexing more and more in front of their bigger siblings.

Edge Online recently had an interview with Khang Le, creative director for Adhesive Games, about their latest game, Hawken, and the potential for indie devs to create games that are on par in terms of production to AAA titles. Hawken is a multiplayer MechWarrior-inspired game, and it is currently a work in progress. Still, after one look at the trailer you will wonder how the game was produced by only a 9-man team, because the gameplay and visuals are stunning. I am looking forward to seeing more of this game as development progresses, and am hopeful to see more indie devs create more with less.

Gameplay Footage of Hawken, developed by Adhesive Games

Edge Online Adhesive Games’ Developer Interview with Khang Le

Hawken Website

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