L.A Noire Could Have Been Six Discs On 360

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L.A Noire (released today in North America) covers a whopping three discs on the Xbox 360 console which is startling, but it could have been much worse. Team Bondi boss Brendan McNamara revealed when speaking to GameSpot that L.A Noire was a very ambitious project and they had a hard time getting the game down to three disks.

“We’ve always been called stupidly ambitious,” he said. “Along with Rockstar, we make very big games.

“It took a lot of effort to get down to three discs – I think we were on four or five or six at one point – and to get it onto one Blu-ray [for PS3]. We’re pretty pleased that we got it down to that in the end.”

McNamara continued: “It’s the biggest map that we’ve done and that Rockstar have done, so there’s a lot of detail in there, and also a lot of actor’s performances, 21 hours worth.”

Well that proves two things. One that L.A Noire is quite the game, and two, the DVD format may definitely prove to be a limitation when it comes to the more ambitious projects in the latter stretch of this console generation. Many people I have consulted will be buying the PS3 version due to the disk switching issue on the Xbox 360. But rest assured, you only have to swap discs twice throughout the game and I don’t think it’s too much of a bad thing. With that being said, I will also be purchasing the PS3 version.

Let us know your thoughts on both L.A Noire and the disk swapping issue.

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