Madden NFL 12 Coming in August Despite Lockout

As many may or may not know, the NFL Player’s Association (NFLPA) and the NFL are in the middle of a dispute. This dispute could lead to a potential complete lockout which could then in turn mean no pro-football next year. By the looks of things, we will probably at the least see a shortended preseason and/or regular season, but hopefully not an entire season cancellation. Have no fear however, EA is not one to take a hit financially simply because the source material for the game will not be happening, as Peter Moore explains via Joystiq:

“We’ll be shipping this year, regardless of what the labor issues are, whether they’re resolved or not,” Moore told a group of journalists during an EA Sports event last night in San Francisco. “Madden 12 will be shipping on August 30th 2011, regardless of what happens with the league itself.”

So, rest easy Maddenites. You will get your helping of football fun this summer, just like every year. I am not one to criticize too harshly as I have bought Madden annually for the past several years, but I would be lying if I said I think the series is all that it could be. Here’s hoping to a big advancement this year, certain parts of the game definitely need it!

Also remember to vote here for who you want on the cover of the new Madden. Right now it is down to Aaron Rodgers vs Peyton Hillis on one side of the bracket, and Michael Vick vs Adrian Peterson on the other side. You can expect to be playing Madden this summer on August 30th.


Source: Joystiq