Microsoft Secures Skyrim DLC As Timed-Exclusive

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Microsoft has nabbed DLC exclusivity for my most anticipated game of 2011 The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. The first two expansions will land on Xbox Live exclusively for 30-days, after which they will be free to launch on both PSN and PC. So it’s not just PS3 users that are getting shitted on, committed PC fans of the Elder Scrolls Series also have to wait 30 days to experience the expansions, but at least we still have modding.

Originally I planned to purchase the game on console first then on PC for the Game Of The Year edition (oh you know they’ll do one), I had my eye on the PS3 version, but with this announcement I will almost certainly purchase it on Xbox 360 first, so Microsoft wins again. Share your thoughts on this announcement below.

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