Molyneux Admits Kinect Has Some Problems

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Lionhead leader Peter Molyneux has publically admitted that Kinect has some problems as an input device. Whilst speaking to Gaming Union Molyneux said that navigation with the motion camera was “a real problem”.

“I’ll admit that Kinect has got some problems. As an input device it has some real problems. Without a thumb stick, navigation is a real problem,” he said.

“You haven’t got any buttons, so ordering the player to do something can be somewhat of a problem.”

This is something that I myself have mentioned to friends time and time again as a reason why I am not interested in Kinect gaming. The fact that you most likely will not be able to navigate in many Kinect based games is off putting for me. Peter did of course get around to praising Kinect for its strengths however. He went on to say that Kinect had “a great sense of freedom and emotion.” So he doesn’t mean to completely shit on the hardware he has been made to develop for.

He also spoke on this new baby Fable: The Journey.

“It started about seven months ago when Microsoft came to us and said, ‘Look we want you to do a [Kinect] experience for the core gamers’,” said Molyneux.

“So we sat down and thought through the problems with that, and the first thing was figuring out how we can make Kinect more engaging, more engrossing, and more emotional than any control-based game or any Fable game has ever been before.”

What ever happened to Milo? Oh well, Kinect users can look forward to Fable: The Journey in 2012.

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