New Saints Row: The Third Screenshots Look As Good As Grand Theft Auto

I wasn’t a huge fan of Saints Row 2 because Grand Theft Auto IV was so good that it made it hard for me to get into THQ’s take on free-roam crime. But after seeing this set of screenshots and artwork from Saints Row: The Third I think it looks just as good as Rockstar’s latest GTA game. Of course Saints Row still has its own unique visual appeal. It looks good in a very slick and colorful kind of way, but it definitely works for the franchise.

The concept art features our first look at Steelport, which has come under control of the Syndicate (very streets of rage). The syndicate’s main goal is to completely eradicate the Saint’s. We can’t possibly let that happen. Notice how Steelport looks like a knock off New York, or you could even get controversial and say Liberty City.

Below is a list of characters featured in the concept arts.

Phillipe Loren: the cold, calculating leader of the Syndicate.
Zimos: an old-school pimp who hates Morningstar and what they’ve done to pimping, mostly because they ran him out of business and pimping ain’t easy.
Killbane: leader of the Luchadores Mexican wrestling gang that has cornered the gambling trade in Steelport.
Angel de la Muerte: Killbane’s former tag-team partner. The relationship did not end well.
Matt Miller: leader of the Deckers and specialist in high-tech cybercrime

Also included are a lot of action shots taken from the actual game. Let us know what you think.

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