New The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Release Date Rumored

For those unaware, Nintendo is releasing another Zelda game. If you did not know this, you are probably A) A huge anti-Nintedo person, or B) Living under a giant Deku Nut (which is funny because if you have been, you probably wouldn’t get this joke anyways.) This game will be a prequel to all other games in the storied series and tells of the origin of the Master Sword as well as the history of Hyrule. The game will release for the Nintendo Wii and will require the Wii Motion Plus to be played. The newest game in the series has been hotly anticipated for weeks and is expected to be another fantastic entry.

The game will sport 1:1 recognition with your movements, or rather, as you move and wave the Wiimote, Link will copy all of your actions by moving his sword. The nunchuck will provide limited movement to control the shield as well. Judging by information released, the game will largely stick to the traditions that have kept Zelda as popular as it is today. You will probably explore dungeons, gain new items and fight enemies as your progress through the game. Nintendo is shaking up the formula a bit with this entry as evidenced by the fact that holding you sword to the sky will supposedly grant it beam firing powers (similar to how the Master Sword shot beams when you had full life) and there will be a stamina type meter that depletes as you sprint or climb. Additionally, combat is going to be much more nuanced and engaging as opposed to previous titles. For example: enemies may expose weaknesses that are only possible to strike when swinging your sword at a specific angle or spot.


The Stalfos in this image must be attacked by swining your sword horizontally.


As for the release date, Best Buy has posted on the preorder page for the game that it will be released on September 25th 2011. Zelda Universe had some comments to make as well. Most Nintedo games are usually released on either a Tuesday or Sunday and this September 25th release date is aligned with this notion as it occurs on a Sunday. Additionally, it is Best Buy that announced this as opposed to a place like Gamestop that notoriously assigns arbitrary release dates to games. Not to say that this date is 100% verified, but one can dream!

Either way, I look forward to taking another adventure in the Zelda universe! The announcement trailer for the game is below, just in case you missed out before!