NFL Sunday Ticket Coming to PS3

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The NFL lockout is over, the entire NFL season will be in full swing soon enough, Madden is releasing in less than two weeks…the NFL has some serious entertainment momentum right now. All of this momentum must be making them feel pretty cocky and proud of themselves right now, because that is the only explanation I can fathom for the pricing on this package.

If you are not a DIRECTV subscriber currently, this package will cost you a whopping $339.95….yes, three hundred thirty-nine dollars and ninety nine cents. If you are a DIRECTV subscriber, then it is simply an extra $50 to access this on your PS3, which makes a lot more sense. The package offers up to 14 NFL games each Sunday, full HD support for every game and the exclusive Red Zone Channel.

So, how about it? Do you have the determination to put the entire NFL on your back for PS3? You be the judge, but you can count me out on this one!

Source: PS Blog

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