Peter Moore Says: We Don’t Have To Outsell Call Of Duty

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Peter Moore was recently promoted to COO (Chief Operating Officer) of EA, and he has now taken it upon himself to get vocal about the ongoing competition between EA and Activision’s respective FPS franchises.

“It’s less about being second place. This is about taking market share,” the executive told Gamespot of Battlefield 3′s release against Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

“This is really about a long-term strategy in what we think is a very important shooter segment that has driven over the last few years multiple billions of dollars of revenue into the industry.

“If you look at last year, you might argue that Call of Duty took maybe 90 percent of the market share. We think we can knock that down to 70 percent this year.

“We don’t have to outsell Call of Duty to have a very successful year. This is a long-term strategy to be a major player, if not ultimately a dominant player in this industry. But it starts this year.”

Moore went on to basically boast about EA’s previous achievements, and big up other upcoming games coming from the publisher. The most interesting part of what he said though is the fact they are not out to be number one, at least not in 2011. I fully respect the tactic EA are taking here, they are aiming to break down the rival piece by piece. First attack their market share, then aim for number one later. Got to respect the enthusiasm there, but at the same time I hope they don’t sacrifice the quality of the games. As long as we as gamers benefit from the competition, ‘bring it on’ I say.

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