Playstation 3 Price Cut And New £99 PSP Announced

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At their Gamescom conference today Sony announced a new global price drop for Playstation 3. The console will now be sold at: $249/£249/€249 respectively. I believe that this means it has been slashed by $50 for those in North America. In the UK however, retailers were selling it at this price even before the price drop, so it doesn’t make too much difference either way. It does put pressure on their competition though, so expect a 360 price cut at the next opportunity.

Also announced was a new PSP model which will retail for £99/€99 exclusively to Europe. This new cheaper model of PSP will be the ideal entry system into handheld gaming. The downside is that it’s completely ditched the Wi-Fi and thus digital downloading of games from PSN, this is aimed more at the people who want to focus on UMD purchases.

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