[Playstation Vita] Michael Jackson: The Experience Impressions

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Though I do love Michael Jackson and everything he accomplished in his life, I have to admit I’ve never felt the desire to play any of the Michael Jackson: The Experience games. For one I’m a bad dancer, and secondly I’d look like a damn fool trying to bust a move in my extremely small bedroom. The fact still remains though, Michael Jackson has a kick ass library full of hits, so any game that allows you to interact with these hits cant be too bad. With the release of the game on hand-held, Ubisoft has thankfully given us bad dancers another way to enjoy the Michael Jackson experience

Now Michael Jackson: The Experience for the Vita is pretty much the same game as it was previously on other hand-held devices, but this time of course it has the touch controls. The way it works is that the arrows come up on screen indicating where you should swipe your finger, and you rack up points by doing it in rhythm. The back touch panel also gets put to use as the music switches up prompting you to tap both fingers in rhythm.

It’s very basic stuff but it’s surprisingly very fun. Songs will eventually get harder causing you to be more consistent with your moves and its that challenge that gets you really determined to rack up the highest score possible. The Vita version will make use of the microphone and camera, with an augmented reality feature that allows you to use the camera to body scan, and a mode that allows you to sing along with the music. The Vita version will also have DLC when it releases ensuring that they’ll be endless content for the biggest of MJ fans.

As far as I know theres no word on when the game will be ready for release, but hopefully it wont be too long after the official Vita release.

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