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THQ announced today that The Rock is being offered as a pre-order incentive for WWE 12. The offer seems to be affective with all retailers, including Gamespot and Amazon. Now I know The Rock isn’t an active part of WWE right now, but in my honest opinion The Rock and Austin should be unlockable in every WWE game as a standard. That could just be the fan in me talking, I’m sure others will disagree. With that being said, this pre-order doesn’t exactly get me excited to pre-order WWE12, especially because I’m already skeptical about it being a generic WWE game (even with the changes.)

WWE 12 is said to deliver new animation and submission systems, highlight reels and sharing of created wrestlers, enhanced broadcast presentation and graphics, and improvements to the core modes. Randy Orton is the cover athlete for the series which I am happy about as he is one of my favorites. WWE12 will release on November 22nd.

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