Resistance 3 Multiplayer Footage From The Land Down Under

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Insomniac’s last exclusive PS3 game Resistance 3 comes out next month and they have put out some footage from a brand new map taking place in a land down under specifically speaking Alice Springs Australia in 1957.

From this new footage of the game I can say it is looking very nice, specially the lighting. It looks so much better and polished then Resistance 2 which I and many others were so disappointed with, put it this way I played Resistance 1 for years and Resistance 2 I played for just a week.

Resistance 3 is currently in closed BETA phase for those who got Socom 4 and also those invited, the game will have a full week of Open BETA at the end of the month for just a week before the release of the game in September. I am going to play the BETA today for the first time( got invited ), take a look at this new gameplay footage and let me know what you think.

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