See How Predator Technology Brings WWE 12 To Life

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THQ have been on a media blitz for their new WWE 12 game, they really want to make wrestling game fans aware that this isn’t just the same game under a new name. I was one of those who haven’t bought a WWE game since Smackdown:Here Comes The Pain because in my opinion the series went down hill after that game, they just made a less dynamic and boring experience with the SD vs RAW series of games and that gets exposed in this video.

I was really glad to hear THQ mention in the WWE 12 gameplay video featuring CM Punk vs John Cena that Here Comes The Pain was a big influenced on WWE 12 gameplay, bringing features from it into WWE 12 and adding the same button mechanics but with more technology behind it.

In this video THQ details their new technology named “Predator”. It really shows that they have made a great effort with WWE 12, the video even shows side by side comparisons with SDvsRaw 2011 and you can clearly see that WWE 12 is more dynamic and more realistic to what you see on TV.

Now see the game in action in a full match CM Punk vs John Cena

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