Skyrim “Planning” Romance and Friendships

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Lots of RPG franchises these days are tackling the issue of romantic and evolving friendships with characters. Pretty much anything involving Bioware can be expected to have this, as well as the Fable series. Well, it looks like in depth interactions with NPCs might finally be headed to the Elder Scrolls series.

The Elder Scrolls series has always been about a high level of depth, realism and an engaging world to get involved with. Oblivion sported lots of improvements for the series, and Skyrim hopes to do the same. Hopefully, we can expect an added level of depth and realism in the way that we interact with NPCs in the game world. First and foremost, time no longer stops and the camera will not zooms in on the face of whoever you are talking to. Conversations happen in a much more natural and fluid way. Secondly, the actual character models and faces specifically actually look good.

Now, according to an article at System Link where they translated a German site, the developers behind Skyrim are “planning” more in depth relationships with NPCs like romances and friendships. Personally, I think this is a fantastic possible addition to the game that I am already the most excited for this year. What does everyone else think? Let us know below!

Source: System Link

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