THQ Shuts Down Kaos Studios

Homefront developer Kaos Studios has been shut down by THQ. Homefront released this year, and you can check out our review here. I personally bought the game shortly after release, thought the single player was a bit short and didn’t really have the vibe/atmosphere that was promised, but loved the multiplayer. Which is ironic, because after reading previews and seeing the marketing campaign, I expected the exact opposite. All opinions aside: the game did not receive the greatest reviews overall, and following its release, THQ stock actually took a dive.

All of this must have been bad enough news, because according to Gamasutra, THQ shut down the development studio. I think it is unfortunate, as the developer definitely had some talent, it is sad to see any dedicated team lose their job. Fortunately, most of the team has found other jobs according to tweets from a former employee, and the game’s sequel is being moved to the Montreal Studio, who collaborated with Kaos on Homefront 1.

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Sources: Game Informer and Gamasutra