Socom 4 Single Player Campaign Detailed In New Video

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With the Socom 4 beta currently up and running, Sony decided to push anticipation for the game further by releasing a behind the scenes video on the single player campaign mode. Here is a brief description that Sony provided to describe the video.

The single player mode tells a cinematic narrative through the eyes of a NATO operations commander trapped in a civil war in South East Asia, giving an authentic experience of not only his story, but that of the entire squad. The five-person squad allows for varied gameplay options and styles, letting the player decide how to best complete a mission given the objectives, the skills of the team, and the information they have at hand. Tactical teamwork is more often the path to victory than simply blazing your way through. You’ll need every skill these operatives offer to complete the mission…and to extract yourself from battle.

While many Socom fans will spend most of their time playing multiplayer, the campaign seems like a good addition providing that it does something unique to separate itself from the competition. Are any of you guys planning on picking up Socom 4 when it drops on April 19th? Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts on the video below.

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