Sonic Generations Is Another Sonic Game With Potential

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As my post title stated, Sonic Generations looks to be yet another Sonic game with potential. Sega hasn’t been able to deliver the great Sonic experience that gamers have been clamoring for but they have been producing some neat ideas that just don’t fully come through. Sega took Sonic back to the 2-dimensional plane and still didn’t get the appreciation of everyone. Sonic Generations is similar to Sonic 4 but done right.

Sonic Generations brings two generations of Sonic together. The game is set to have the old school side-scrolling Sonic gameplay from 1991, as well as the modern 3D style from the Sonic Adventure days. The batch of screens gives me hope for this game so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Is all hope lost for a good Sonic game? Let me know what you think of the new screens.

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