New InVersion Trailer Reveals Main Character

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Not much is known about InVersion but Namco have begun to reveal more about this game, the latest trailer teases the backstory of the game and reveals the main character and what he is facing. I did some researching and found that in this game you are Davis Russel a man who has lost his wife and is seeking to save his daughter from a group known as the lutadors, who manipulate gravity in order to control society.

Davis Russel and his partner go on a journey using the same weapon to stop them. From what has been shown of the gameplay via screens it seems like it will be a mixture of Gears Of War and Infamous taking place all in a zero gravity world, for more on that take a look at the gameplay slideshow below. We all experienced cover and shoot gameplay but have you ever done it while standing the side of a huge skyscraper?, that’s what InVersion will bring to the genre. InVersion is coming out February 7th 2012.

I think they will finally unveil gameplay at E3 this year but in the mean time check out this slideshow of screens, as you will see it is going to be very familiar in some ways to other 3rd person shooter games but with an entirely new perspective.

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