Sony Reveals Warhawk Successor: Starhawk

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In what we hope is the last stage of the Playstation Network crisis, Sony has unveiled their new online multiplayer spectacular Starhawk. This time the experience promises to have a dynamic single player portion. The game is being developed by Lightbox Interactive which was born out of collaboration with Sony Santa Monica, so you can definitely expect something of quality here. Just from watching the video below I am impressed, this seems like a very ambitious title. I like the slight RTS touch they gave the game with you being able to build establishments on the fly.

I’m quite surprised that Starhawk has a black main character; this is what we need to see more of in gaming. It’s a black character who carries no racial stereotypes. Kudos to Lightbox for that.

Below is a short dev dairy style video which explains the direction of the game in more detail followed by some screenshots of the game.

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As someone who loved Warhawk, and played it daily for months. I can honestly say that I am excited for Starhawk. It looks like it’s going to be the online title that Sony needs. M.A.G? No, Socom not so much, Starhawk looks promising as that online experience that draws everybody in. Let us know what you guys think below.

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