Steam Summer Sales Starting!

Alliteration aside, (lol) the PC gaming hub is beginning its summer sales today. Every year Steam has HUGE blowout sales in the summer time, and it is starting to look no different this year. The sales will run from today (June 30th) until July 10th, with new sales happening each day along the way.

Today, things get started off very nicely: the Game of the Year edition of Oblivion is on sale for a staggering $6.80 with 66% off, which even if you own a disc copy, is almost worth buying just to resell your discs! Operation Flashpoint: Red River is at 35% off and under $30. All five episodes of the Back to the Future games are available for a measly $12.49 for all you adventure game fans out there, and Medal of Honor is only $10.19. There are many more sales from today alone, (like the Witcher 2 on sale for $33.49 and Lead and Gold at 85% off for just $1.50!) They even have entire publisher catalogs (yes, Ubisoft, Rockstar, 2k, etc) as well as bundle packs.

Also, just like most other sales periods for Steam, they have little contests and games within your games you can play. The prize system works like this: you can earn “Summer Camp Prize Tickets” for completing achievements in certain games. Those tickets are then redeemable for “prizes” in other games you may own. For example: while playing bit.trip.beat, if you get a perfect on level 1-1, you get a prize ticket. You can redeem that ticket for one of 24 different prizes in 24 different games, like sunglasses in Team Fortress 2 or some skins in Killing Floor (prizes are basically little DLC items or bonuses.) Each day you will see a different list of achievements to try and get!

So, what are you waiting for? Get on Steam and start saving money! If a game goes on sale that you are even reasonably interested in playing eventually, you owe it to yourself to pick it up while its dirt cheap!

Link to main site and link to contest/prize details

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