The Best Games Of 2011: Homefront

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Full Title: Homefront
Developer: Kaos Studios
Publisher: THQ
Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3
Release Date: March 8, 2011

What if the United States of America was invaded? Hopefully that doesn’t ever happen but it is a question I have wondered myself. Homefront is set to paint that terrifying image, allowing players to experience war at home. We saw a small glimpse of this in Modern Warfare 2, but Homefront is really driving it home atmospherically. Battles will wage on in familiar territory like the parking lot of a ‘Lumber Liquidators’ and the well known ‘Hooters’ restaurant chain. In the Homefront fiction, North Korea has unified with South Korea and has taken over most of Asia, meanwhile, the United States has suffered an economical collapse. Though the story may be fiction, it could very well happen. Not sure what I would do in real life, but when it comes to Homefront, I’m ready to enlist.


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