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The Co-op Episode 8: Has Kratos Failed?

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We return with a news filled edition of The Co-op Podcast. This week we have several video game announcements to talk about as well as the NPD numbers. Also PSN is now back with us, what does this mean for Sony fans? Also listen as Anthony Frasier attempts to fix his Playstation 3 which almost bricked.


– What we’ve been playing.
– Rich Speaks on Hector.
– Ed speaks on BRINK.

– Game Announcements
– Remedy has more Alan Wake coming. Not a direct sequel or a dlc pack. What can it be?
– Sony reveals Warhawk successor, Starhawk.
– Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection Coming to PSN/Xbla/PC. First three MK games for 10 bucks.
– Soul Calibur V announced for 2012. Takes places 17 years after Soul Calibur 4. Does anyone care for Soul Caliburs narrative? Game will include guest characters.
– Hitman Absolution announced for 2012. Can this be the first huge Hitman game?
– Modern Warfare 3 revealed. Will probably be out this November. Expectations? Will this surpass Black Ops? No Infinity Ward logo in the trailer. Will that impact sales any?

– PSN Is Back

– April 2011 NPD
– PS3 hardware up from previous month.
– Was Kratos being in Mortal Kombat a flop?
– Portal 2 PS3 marketing a waste?

– Plus more

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Running time: 82 minutes
Music: Skepta – Frisco
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