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The Co-op Episode 9: T.K Noire

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Our L.A Noire review is now up and you can check it out here. You can also listen to our impressions of the game on this week’s edition of The Co-op podcast. Also on the show we tell you what we feel about Sony’s Welcome Back package.

We apologize for some of the technical difficulties in this week’s podcast. Also half way through the show I was interrupted, hence why the second half of the show is just Edward V and Anthony Frasier.


– What We’ve Been Playing
– L.A Noire Impressions.
– What do we think of Sony’s welcome back package.
– Are you excited for Batman Gotham City Imposters.
– We discuss Valve not being at E3, plus E3 strategies.
– Anthony speaks on Playd.

The Koalition has been happy to provide some of the best Gaming and Hip Hop content to you over the past two and a half years. We would love if you as gamers would help the process of developing the Playd application by participating in this short two minute survey. We thank all those who participate.

Running time
: 53 minutes
Music: Curren$y – Hold On
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