Top 10 Nate Dogg Singles

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Last night the Godfather of G-Funk passed away. But rather than mourn his death, I’d like to take time out and celebrate the life of Nathan “Nate Dogg” Hale. Here are my top 10 Nate Dogg singles, Let me know if I missed anything out.

10) Can’t Deny It feat. Fabolous

09) Oow Wee feat. Mark Ronson & GFK

08) The Streets feat. WC

07) Gangsta Nation feat. Westside Connection

06) Times Up feat. Jadakiss

05) Where I Wanna Be feat. Shade Sheist

04) Next Episode feat. Dr. Dre, Snoop & Kurrupt

03) Bitch Please feat. Snoop Dogg

02) Oh No feat. Mos Def & Pharohe

01) Regulate feat. Warren G

Rest In Peace

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