Turn Based, The RPG Podcast Episode 2: Gary’s Origins

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Gary A. Swaby and David Jagneaux return for the second episode of The Koalition’s premiere RPG podcast, Turn Based. We apologize for the wait, but from this moment on we will be consistent with the bi-weekly schedule. Don’t forget to leave us your feedback in the comments below.


– What we’ve been playing

– The Witcher 2 coming to X-box 360. Our thoughts. (Does a game like this belong on console?)
– Mass Effect 3 gets voice command support, kinect support. Gets dated for March 6th 2012.
– Molyneux reveals Fable:The Journey for Xbox Kinect. Says its Kinects finest game. Not on rails.
– Final Fantasy XIII-2 Announced for early 2012. To support Mini-games. Where is Versus?
– Gary gives his impressions on Kindoms of Almanur: Reckoning after seeing E3 trailer (follow up from last episodes upcoming)

The Dragon Age Series
– Why Gary is in love with these games.
– What David likes about Origins.
– The pro’s and cons.
– The best parts in Origins.

– Dragons Dogma
– Dungeon Siege III (out next week)

Plus more

Running time: 57 mins
Feedback: turnbased@thekoalition.com

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