Metal Gear Solid 1 HD Is A Possibility

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By now we all know about the remastered HD versions of Metal Gear Solid 2, 3 and Peacewalker. Not included in this series, of course, is the first game: Metal Gear Solid which originally released on the PlayStation One. When speaking with Eurogamer at E3, Kojima Production’s Executive Producer Yoshikazu Matsuhana had the following to say:

“Obviously, we wanted to include it and make it a complete collection. However, as you know, Metal Gear Solid 1 was for the PSone. It has a very, very low polygon count,” he explained.

“While at the time the game was something new and refreshing, just bringing it as is into HD probably wouldn’t have that much meaning to us. We’re doing two and three with a certain work flow where the goal is to take that game, preserve it and introduce it to a new generation. We can’t really take that approach with Metal Gear Solid 1 because it’s very dated at this point.”

“If we were going to do Metal Gear Solid 1 we’d want to take more time with it. Not just up-res the textures, not just make things look pretty and polished, but go back and tweak some of the gameplay, tweak the story to update things and do it properly. Not just a re-master but a re-imagining almost.

“We do want to do that sometime down the road but it will take more time. It’s not something we’re looking at doing right now.”

So, it looks maybe sometime down the line we can get a brand spanking new HD version of Solid Snake’s PS1 adventure! What do you think of all this? Let us know below!

Source: Eurogamer

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