Why Did EA Turn On Tiger Woods?

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The new box art for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 was released yesterday, and many gamers got left scratching their heads. Where was Tiger Woods? I mean his name is still on the cover, but in noticeably smaller text and pushed down to the bottom of the box. What happened? Heres a quote from EA Sports head Peter Moore on Tiger early last year:

If you’re talking golf, you have to have Tiger Woods as the first name that comes out of your mouth on that.

Lets now take a look at the new box:

Peter, if Tiger Woods is the first name people speak when talking about golf, why did you take him off the cover? And then put his name in smaller text? At the bottom of the box? The Masters is certainly a big deal, but big enough to make it more relevant, brighter and more colorful than the actual name of the game? So we can all expect this game to flop because, by Peters metric you put the biggest selling point of your title almost out of sight.

I’ll give EA credit for sticking by Tiger. But doing this is actually worse than being dropped. I rather get dropped than have my name belittled in front of millions of people……again. What do you guys think of this decision?

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