WWE Universe You Decide Who Graces The Collectors Edition Of WWE 12

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THQ have been promoting their new wrestling game WWE 12 during Summerslam fan Axxess event, revealing the full roster and showing gameplay from the latest build of the game. If you been following this game you know Randy Orton was announced as the cover boy of WWE 12.

That move was kinda odd to me, while I think he is one of best WWE talents he really isn’t mainstream, he isn’t even on Live TV anymore as he was moved to Smackdown. With CM Punk becoming the best thing going in WWE today he would have been the perfect person to grace the cover of WWE 12.

I figured THQ would find a way to offer another cover and that’s exactly what they did. WWE 12 will have a collectors edition and you will decide who gets on the cover. The choices are The Rock’s “People’s Edition” or John Cena “Champ’s Edition” WWE Universe you decide.

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