6 Game Characters that Remind Me of Obama and Romney

With the first Presidential Debate in the books, this was the first time it was ever featured on a game console (Xbox 360.) Since it’s election season the public, the media, and gamers are more involved in the USA’s political process than usual. What does that mean for us, here at The Koalition though? Well, after watching the debates we noticed that maybe these two guys that are fighting over our precious votes could be more than just mere political figures – what if they were game characters? I present to you the top six game characters (three each) that remind me of President Barack Obama and Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney.

[alert type=”red”]None of these choices are intended to be offensive, literal, or accurate in any way – it is purely for fun. If you disagree or have your own choices, let us know![/alert]

President Barack Obama

1) Eddy Gordo (Tekken series)

This Afro-Brazilian fighter from the popular Tekken series is who I immediately thought of in relation to Obama. Obviously he is black, but he also has that smooth, suave, and charismatic attitude that makes Obama such a successful diplomat. Eddy just prefers to negotiate with his kicks and punches. Oh, and he’s not America, just like Obama.


2) Combo (Killer Instinct 1&2)

In addition to having one of the best videogame soundtracks of all-time, and arguably the most iconic announcer (except for the UT guy) Killer Instinct also had some of the most memorable characters. Combo is near the top of that list for me, sporting his American-clad spandex top and camo pants, it doesn’t get a whole lot more American than that. Oh, and he’s black. So he is basically Obama, right? Also, when you beat the game with Combo, he literally runs for President. It doesn’t get much more exact than that…


3) Captain Anderson (Mass Effect series)

Strong. Determined. Accomplished. Black. These are all words that describe Captain Anderson and can easily be applied to Barack Obama as well. With a record of success domestically and internationally, both leaders were prime examples for those they were sworn to protect. Anderson was even almost named the first human spectre, which is quite the accomplishment. Obama? Oh, he just has a little thing called the Nobel Peace Prize.


Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney

1) Handsome Jack (Borderlands 2)

He is a good-looking fellow, charismatic, charming, and funny. I am of course talking about Handsome Jack, the primary antagonist from Borderlands 2 – and Mitt Romney, the primary antagonist of Barack Obama. Both are also extremely rich. The comparison is pretty clear, any questions? Didn’t think so. They will both just go back to naming their expensive ponies now!


2) Rich Uncle Pennybags (Monopoly Guy)

When you think of rich and powerful game characters, you might not necessarily think of ‘ol Pennybags right away – but he is instantly recognizable and inherently tied to being known as “the Monopoly guy.” Similarly, before this year, if you were to ask an average American to name a rich and powerful white businessman – they probably wouldn’t have thought of Romney. Now, however – he is at the top of the list of dirty, old, rich, and powerful white guys!


3) Phillipe Loren (Saints Row 3)

The picture says it all. If you’ve played the game, you probably understand especially. Phillipe is not just rich, powerful, and calculated – his actions reflect Romney as well. What happens when you try and invade on a rival’s turf (Obama’s claim to the Presidency?) You’re in for a battle! The winner has yet to be decided in the Americans Row: The Third, so let’s wait and see the final verdict.

What do you think of my list? Agree? Disagree? Think I’m a racist? Let us know in the comments below!

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