Buying Dragon’s Dogma Will Gain You Early Access To Resident Evil 6 Demo

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Capcom has announced that its pushing Dragon’s Dogma back to May 22nd (25 for Europe) – but buying the game will gain you early access to the Resident Evil 6 demo. If you’re really eager to try out Resident Evil 6 then this may be worth it.

PS3 gamers are once again at a disadvantage, as this access will grant Xbox 360 users the demo 60 days before PS3. The demo will arrive for Xbox 360 on July 3, and the PS3 version won’t arrive on PSN until September 3rd (4th in Europe).

Dragons Dogma was originally expected to launch in March, but now will release two months later. It is said to be one of Capcom’s most expensive games. I guess this Resident Evil 6 demo just added even more value to it.

Resident Evil 6 was the topic of conversation for days after Capcom confirmed the release date for November 26th 2012. It’s definitely a highly anticipated title, and I’m sure this announcement will allow Resi fans to give Dragon’s Dogma a try even if they didn’t plan to previously.

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