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C.O.D Call Of Duty (Ft. Snot Boogie, Krypt, Swiff Epics) (2nd Single)

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Our Koalition EP is two weeks away from release now (set for Christmas Day), so to keep the anticipation going we’re releasing our 2nd single C.O.D (Call Of Duty).
This song is a fresh take on Bangs – Take u to da movies. The song features Snot Boogie, Krypt and Swiff Epics laying down some explosive vocal work; with Swagger Jagger, Electro Jade and Ramz assisting on the hook.

The idea behind this song was to make a light-hearted Call of Duty anthem, that epitomizes everything we feel about the blockbuster gaming franchise.

Once again Mr. Kennedy helped mix everything together, and he did an awesome job. The cover design was co-designed by Kennedy and Carl Daniel.

Speaking of covers, shout out to Ramz Doodles for creating our official Koalition EP artwork shown below. The official name for our Koalition EP is “The Koalition Presents: Doritos & MTN Dew” which explains the cover. If you’ve been paying attention to video game journalism lately then you’ll certainly get the reference.

Doritos and MTN Dew Cover

As always, this song is in the name of fun. Gaming is supposed to be a fun topic, and with this EP we aim to bring back the fun element to gaming. We mean no harm to anybody, but if you have any thoughts or feedback for us then be sure to drop a comment below.

We will also be releasing one last single next week, so be sure to listen to the upcoming podcasts for more information. Also be sure to look out for our official GOTY 2012 Podcast discussion on next week’s episode of the Co-op podcast.

Disclaimer: The Koalition holds no responsibility over any damages occurred as a result of the release of The Koalition EP. We do not intend to ruin the credibility of any individuals with a worldwide audience. Please send all hate, cease and desist, and death threats to GAS Media LLP.

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