DiRT Showdown First Gameplay Footage

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Codmasters have finally released the first official gameplay footage for DiRT Showdown which was announced last year. The video shows off a special Nevada 8 Ball mode that looks pretty intense. It seems this game will be a gem for the more casual racing gamers. It will be out this May for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Everyone start your engines for the first gameplay video for DiRT Showdown, a brand new dive-in-and-drive rush of speed, style and destruction. DiRT Showdown, an action packed extension of the award-winning DiRT off-road racing series, will debut May 2012 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

The Nevada 8 Ball trailer features work-in-progress gameplay footage, showcasing the full-impact, destruction-focussed racing featured in DiRT Showdown’s 8 Ball event. The stage is a dirty, dusty circuit in the sun-baked Nevada desert where eight racers perform in front of the crowd, taking on jumps and dangerous crossover points as they jostle for position against a backdrop of fireworks and fire cannons. Boost is used to speed through gaps and smash rivals as the drivers — racing vehicles tuned for chaotic, aggressive racing — trade paint and crash out as they battle to become the star of the Showdown.

DiRT Showdown will deliver a new world of competitive and combative racing as players boost, trick and smash their way to ‘Showdown’ finals on a chaotic tour of motorised mayhem.

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