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Street Fighter x Tekken: Pac Man & Mega Man Join The PS3/Vita Versions

Not content with Toro and Kuro, Capcom are continuing to add quirky characters to the PS3 and Vita versions of Street Fighter x Capcom. As speculated on last week’s Co-Op podcast, retro icon Pac Man will be given the opportunity to trade blows with the likes of Heihachi and Ryu because, well… Why not! The trailer below shows Pac in action and reveals that he actually uses Mokujin’s body to fight which is both hilarious and awesome in equal parts.

Another gaming icon joining the mix is Mega Man, but before you get too excited I encourage you to check out the trailer first!

As someone who hates small characters in fighting games I was really worried about the inclusion of Pac Man and Mega Man but after seeing gameplay footage of them both I’m pretty happy the results. Die-hard Mega Man fans will probably view this as a slap in the face but that’s partly why I love it so much.

Well played Capcom!

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