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Experiencing the Nostalgia in NiGHTS

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Unlike what most media wants us to think, the virtues we gain as children can almost always be linked to video games. Video games are a common theme in a child’s life, and seldom are they considered vices.

This week, I reminisce on NiGHTS, a game released in 1996 for the Sega Saturn. This game based itself around two main characters, Claris and Elliot, who fought through the lands of Nightopia while at the same time struggling through their own personal obstacles.

NiGHTS is a creative, beautiful piece of art. It’s wonderful, whimsical, and incredibly magical. A game full of love and positivity. Experiencing a free-flowing NiGHTS, an incredible Nightopian universe, and whimsical music all around – it’s simply a game for everyone to experience.

Also, cake.

– ElectroJade

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