Expose 10 Is One Of The Best Showcases Of Modern Art

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I’ve only been collecting Ballistic art book compilations for a couple years now but even I can tell that EXPOSE 10 marks a special milestone for the brand so passionate about art they built their company around it. This is the tenth edition, and the level of talented art designs is still at an exceptional level.

Expose 10

This volume is 284 pages of blissful artwork, covering a number of different categories including: Portraits, Architecture, Fantasy Females, Conceptual Art, Matte Paintings, Sci Fi, Comics and more. From what I can tell Expose 10 is the best put together volume of the series, I like how the categories are laid out on pages 14-15. The visualizations on the categories alone will help personalize your experience as you will be able to tell which categories captivate you the most and flick right on to those pages instantly.

I personally don’t like to miss any pages when it comes to EXPOSE 10, but these are books you will likely come back to as there’s just too much to take in at once. In which case it’s understandable to browse your desired categories first.

What I love about this volume is that it’s an abundance of mystery and inspiration. Like for example, the architecture category wasn’t my first choice when browsing but after I did I was taken aback by the level of detail on show. I found it to be one of the most inspiring sections of the book, without expecting it to be. Just browsing this section made me truly appreciate what the human race is capable of.

Expose 10

An Expose book wouldn’t be the same if they weren’t promoting the talented artists Ballistic feature over the years. Every year in EXPOSE a Grand Master is chosen as the number one inspiration, and this year it’s professional Illustrator Jim Burns. This year Ballistic have also included an honor roll to showcase all the artists featured in Expose books over the past 10 years. This was a pretty decent addition to the books, especially for those who may not own all books in the series.

As always EXPOSE 10 is presented in Ballsitic’s leather-bound limited, hardcover and the paperback editions. I own the paperback copy, but as there’s only a $10 difference between paperback and hardcover I would fully recommend purchasing the hardcover. Of course, hardcore art enthusiasts will be willing to put up the money for the leather-case limited edition.

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Once more I have to tip my hat to the folks over at Ballistic for taking their passion for fine artistry and using it to give back to the creators by giving them a platform to showcase their work on. It’s an admirable thing, and EXPOSE remains as one of the best displays of modern art from all over the world.

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