“… Sh*t!” WWE ’13 Gets Realistic Crowd Noises!

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Still not excited for WWE ’13? The developers at Yukes will be hoping to win you back with their latest innovation WWE Live (aka “realistic crowd noises”). According to the video above, the crowd in WWE ’13 will sound just like the audience found at live WWE events except they’ll chant “oh my god” instead of “holy shit” when the ring breaks and stuff… because you know… its a videogame.

This is an interesting time to add such a feature as it currently seems like the WWE crowd gets more annoying each and every week as Koalition super fan Rameez Quadri often likes to points out.

Unfortunately the commentators don’t seem to share the crowds enthusiasm with both Lawyer and Cole sounding as scripted as ever.  On a more positive note, Good Ol’ JR has been re-introduced in to the mix so expect to hear “Mah Gawd! His body is broken in half!” after every suplex.

WWE ’13 will be released on the PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii (yes Wii, not Wii-U) in late October/early November and I’m actually excited to play it. Look out for Richard Bailey’s full review later this year.

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