Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut Video Endings Revealed

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t Watch this videos if you intend to play the Extended Cut DLC.

When Mass Effect 3 hit retailers back in March, no one could have predicted the amount of controversy that the game would draw from both critics and diehard fans alike. Bioware responded to the masses by announcing their intentions to release an extended cut dlc add-on for the game at a later date.

Today marks the release of both the Xbox 360 and PC version of that content, while the Playstation 3 version won’t be available until July 4th. While the videos below do offer more explanations for each ending, you still can’t help but wonder why this footage never made it into the final version of the game in the first place.

Feel free to watch these four endings in their entirety to draw your own conclusions. Are you satisfied with this content or do you think Bioware and EA have dropped the ball on the franchise? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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