New Production Info On Dragon Age: Dawn Of The Seeker Animated Film

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If you read our site on the regular, you’ll know that I’m a huge Dragon Age fan. I think the series made by Bioware possesses some of the deepest themes touched on in a fantasy RPG over the past couple years. I would even go further as to say that I believe the game has some of the best video game writers working on it. However not everyone is a fan of the game-play itself. If that’s the case then Dragon Age has many other variations of it’s expansive story to try out, such as books, comics a mini web series and now an animated film.

Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker was announced in 2010, but it is finally coming out this year. The film will be set in Orlais, which is a rival force to Ferelden where the majority of the games plot has been set. For those who played through Dragon Age II, you’ll be intrigued to know that Cassandra, the character who probed Varric for information during the narrative will be the main character in the animated film.

Watching Cassandra’s story in Dawn of the Seeker is said to give us some new insight on the state of the conflict seen in the previous games. Creative Director Mike Laidlaw speaks more on the film during the video below. The film is produced by Funimation, and we can look forward to it at some point during 2012.

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