React Episode 2: Doubts Casted On GAME’s Ability To Stock New Games

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React is our podcast where we react to a specific news topic, and in episode two myself and ex-GAME employee Rameez Quadri speak on the doubts that have arisen today regarding GAME’s ability to stock new games. For any international readers who are unaware, GAME is a UK retailer – perhaps our equivalent to Gamestop.

We cover a lot of issues plaguing GAME’s reliability as a retailer, and we speculate what the future may bring. It’s a very intriguing topic, and Rameez Quadri delivers tons of insight based on his experience.

Be sure to share your own thoughts with us below, and if you have anymore information definitely don’t hesitate to let your voice be heard.

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Duration: 32 minutes
– Anyone who pre-ordered Metal Gear Solid HD shouldn’t worry about receiving their order.
– Hear more from Rameez Quadri at The Epic Network, or on his Twitter.

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