Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Gameplay Video: Part One

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After having focused earlier videos on the single player experience, Rockstar Games decided to unveil Max Payne 3’s Multiplayer gameplay in a new video series today. This first video centers on the core multiplayer modes Gang Wars and Payne Killer.

Gang Wars consists of story-driven matches based upon the successful completion of objectives. In addition to using bullet time mechanics, players are also able to experience the same cinematic effects that they would in the single player mode.

Payne Killer is the defenitive co-op experience that allows players to play as both Max Payne and his partner Raul Passos. Facing an onslaught of enemies, the duo must work together to fend off their foes with the use of signature weapons and painkillers to stay alive.

Overall, these multiplayer modes look phenomenal and can give one of a good idea of what Rockstar may add to GTA V’s multiplayer features moving forward. Feel free to check out the video and leave your thoughts below.

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