Vita Update 1.80 To Add Cross-Controller Feature

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Vita update 1.80 will add new features to PlayStation Vita on August 28, and it will allow users to play PS3 format software by using their PS Vita as a controller. The Cross-Controller icon will also be added to the LiveArea under the Remote Play application. The first games announced to support this feature are: Street Fighter x Tekken on October 23, PlayStation All-Stars, and the new Sly Cooper and Ratchet and Clank games.

Other features were also announced for the Vita today including the Cross-Save feature between PS Vita and PS3, which will enable users to continue playing on the go with Vita, right from where they left off on their PS3. Vita owners should also be happy to know that they will now be able to play PSone titles on the handheld.

This may not be the added value I was looking for, but it’s something.

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